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Июль, 10, 2006 (18:35)
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Ok. Now I feel - it is time to start writing something here. My holidays have just started, and they started exactely with my coming to Finland. I'll be only 3 weeks here but we made so huge plans already! Can't even imagine how we are going to fullfill everything. :))
But later about it. And now I'd like to make what I was going to do long time ago, but either had no time for it or loose internet connection.
Here are some photographs from our Novgorod trip in the end of the May.

Novgorod Kremlin from different positions

Volkhov river

Ancient XII - XV century churches in Yaroslav's Dvoriscthe

Today I was swimming for the first time in this summer! That is possible only for such a damned city resident like me. Though I like nature a lot, but I don't like to go to our summer house area and recently had no company to visit other places.
Evening we are going to the bicycle trip to Joensuu city. I live 15 km from it now in Niittylähti.


Posted by: Valancy (valancystar)
Posted at: Июль, 11, 2006 13:37 (UTC)
draussen ist Freiheit

Lovely pictures!

And I went swimming in the lake for the first time this year last Friday... No chance of doing that in Turku, it hardly has any decent places for swimming.

Posted by: tyoindigo (tyoindigo)
Posted at: Июль, 13, 2006 20:45 (UTC)
Tsa-tsa aus Essen

Very nice and beautiful town. :) I like to visit there much.
The weather is so warm now here in Finland! I'm glad that I came here.
Aren't there beaches at the seacoast near Turku?

Posted by: Valancy (valancystar)
Posted at: Июль, 15, 2006 09:10 (UTC)

Yes, you arrived at a very good time when it comes to weather. :D Our summers aren't nearly always this nice. Well, surprisingly enough, Turku being by the sea doesn't help with swimming much. There just aren't a lot of places for decent beaches in the city - and anyway, the coast is actually a little further away from the city centre so it's not all that close by unless you have to live in that particular area.

Posted by: Cia (ciarana)
Posted at: Июль, 17, 2006 18:24 (UTC)

Great pics! I love all those beautiful old churches and castles, they're fascinating...

Posted by: tyoindigo (tyoindigo)
Posted at: Июль, 17, 2006 18:38 (UTC)

Thanks :)
I've made lots of pictures during my trips in Finland of Sandcastle festival in Lappeenranta and Savonlinna. Some of them I put into my russian livejournal. Can put it here too if anybody interested.

Posted by: J. (fantasticheria)
Posted at: Июль, 26, 2006 19:43 (UTC)

At first I could say hello. :) I found here via ciarana's journal.

Your photos of Novgorod are wonderful! It is one of the cities which have always felt quite mystical and fascinating, especially because of its great history. I'd really like to visit it some day.

Posted by: tyoindigo (tyoindigo)
Posted at: Июль, 26, 2006 23:54 (UTC)

Hello! Nice to see you here.:)
Thanks a lot! Yes Novgorod and Pskov also are lovely. I like to visit them when I have a chance. And what about St.-Petersburg? Haven't ypu been here?

Posted by: J. (fantasticheria)
Posted at: Июль, 30, 2006 14:58 (UTC)

No, I haven't - and I'm ashamed of it. A friend of mine, who has lived there and speaks excellent Russian, once promised to come with me. Perhaps I should ask her again. :)

Posted by: tyoindigo (tyoindigo)
Posted at: Август, 3, 2006 19:22 (UTC)

Hope you'll manage to come here some day :)
Though our city doesn't have medieval history the one it has not in the least interesting :)

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