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Favorite fandoms' heroes :)

Октябрь, 28, 2006 (21:39)

current mood: amused

Got them from some of my friends and wanted to share with you also. :))

Sarah, Von Krolok, Alfred, Herbert by b_a_n_s_h_e_e

der Tod, Elisabeth,A Halál by b_a_n_s_h_e_e

der Tod aus Essen by m_lle_frollo

Rudolf by m_lle_frollo Maria Larisch and Mary Vecsera by b_a_n_s_h_e_e

Tibalt. Hungarian style :)


Mercutio from same company


Posted by: Cia (ciarana)
Posted at: Октябрь, 29, 2006 18:26 (UTC)

Wow, they look great! Especially Herbert and Rudolf are hilarious, and Sarah has a wonderful "WTF?" expression on her face. :D

Posted by: tyoindigo (tyoindigo)
Posted at: Октябрь, 30, 2006 19:55 (UTC)

:))) Yeah, i loved that Rudolf too. When you look at him you start to believe that he truly got cold in Mayerling. Larish and Vecsera are also hit the point in my opinion :)))

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