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tyoindigo [userpic]

(no subject)

Декабрь, 4, 2006 (00:42)

Дорогой заинька! Поздравляю тебя с днем Рождения! Успехов тебе во всех делах, хорошего настроения и счастья в личной жизни! :) Оставайся таким же пушистым как и сейчас, всем на радость. :)))

tyoindigo [userpic]

(no subject)

Декабрь, 4, 2006 (00:20)

I want in advance to ask my non-russian friends to forgive me for the next post in russian which is going to appear here. That is not going to repeat. But now I have my reasons for it.

tyoindigo [userpic]

New Steve Barton forum

Ноябрь, 19, 2006 (02:49)

Forum of the site www.steve-barton.ru has moved to http://stevebarton.mybb.ru/ and awaits its visitors. I'm sorry to say that the information from the old one was totally lost due to technic fatal accident. But hopefully the new forum will still rejoice us with interesting discussions and warm atmosphere. Wellcome! :)

tyoindigo [userpic]

Favorite fandoms' heroes :)

Октябрь, 28, 2006 (21:39)

current mood: amused

Got them from some of my friends and wanted to share with you also. :))

Sarah, Von Krolok, Alfred, Herbert by b_a_n_s_h_e_e

Читать дальше...Свернуть )


Mercutio from same company

tyoindigo [userpic]

(no subject)

Сентябрь, 13, 2006 (03:28)

current location: Joensuu
current mood: sleepy

I'll be in Helsinki again this Thursday and Friday. Have a lot of free time before 5pm when normal people are usually busy. Hmm... but anyway if anyone would like and have a chanse to make me a company I'll be very happy. :)

tyoindigo [userpic]


Август, 29, 2006 (01:46)
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current mood: curious

Perhaps anyone can help me. This is the question on crown prince Rudolf biography.
Where and when he visited Hungary and what are the places there somehow connected to him?

tyoindigo [userpic]

(no subject)

Июль, 10, 2006 (18:35)
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Ok. Now I feel - it is time to start writing something here. My holidays have just started, and they started exactely with my coming to Finland. I'll be only 3 weeks here but we made so huge plans already! Can't even imagine how we are going to fullfill everything. :))
But later about it. And now I'd like to make what I was going to do long time ago, but either had no time for it or loose internet connection.
Here are some photographs from our Novgorod trip in the end of the May.

NovgorodСвернуть )

Today I was swimming for the first time in this summer! That is possible only for such a damned city resident like me. Though I like nature a lot, but I don't like to go to our summer house area and recently had no company to visit other places.
Evening we are going to the bicycle trip to Joensuu city. I live 15 km from it now in Niittylähti.

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